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Fredericksburg Battlin' Billies Friday Night Football

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FHS FootballFHS Football

Winner of the PAT Award 1996-98

The Season Is Over :(
We are the
4 Time District Champions!!!

Go to the schedule section to view the scores and the statistics of the game!!!

(stats available usually on Sat., but the scores are posted right after the game!!!)

This page contains newpaper articles from the Fredericksburg Standard about the FHS Varsity Football Program.

Record so far:

District: 5-0 All games: 8-2 All games & scrimmages: 10-2
NAME: Battlin' Billies
COLORS: Red and White
COACHES: (HEAD) Jerald Klett, (ASST'S) Ned Butler, Dean Herbort, Mike Stevens, Wade Prejean, Scott Immel, James Reichenau, Colie Reno, Donald Hohn, Shannon Petsch, (JUNIOR HIGH) Mike Saunders, Terry Crenwelge, Steven Castillo, and Kyle Duren
TRAINER: James Howard
STUDENT TRAINERS: Kira Land and Thomas Pahl
STUDENT MANAGERS: Dominic Rinaldi, Lucas Richardson, Bobby Williams, Krystal Hays, Bobby Harris, and Timon Keller
SUPERINTENDENT: Dr. Marc Williamson
PRINCIPAL: Mary Alice Deike   ASSISTANT PRINCIPALS: Kent Reynolds and Peggy Matli
CHEERLEADERS: (CAPTAIN) Brooke Beck, Kendall Rudd, Jennifer Turner, Briana Boyuls, Leigh Henke, Sam Moore, Becky Hernandez, Jessica Burg, Holly Knaupp, C.J. Walker, Courtney McCray, and Liza Smith
BATTLIN' BILLIE MASCOTS: Kirsten Rockwood and Chasity Neutze
CHEERLEADING SPONSOR: Janie Schneider and Callie Kennedy
BAND DIRECTORS: Kenny Ersch, James Bode, and Larry Jones

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